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Sleepover Summer Sleeper Hit

Stars really had sleepover

July 4, 2004


With recent movie releases like Saved, and Mean Girls, 2004 is fast becoming the year of the teen girl clique flicks, so the fact that the new movie, Sleepover features a similar plot where "Popular girls" challenge a group of less popular girls, didn't shock me, but the fact that I enjoyed it was surprising.

In the summer after 8th grade, with high school right around the corner, four teenage girls Julie (Alexa Vega), Hannah (Mika Boorem), Farrah (Scout Taylor Compton), and Yancy (Kallie Flynn Childress) have a slumber party at Julie's house which ends up being one of the most eventful nights of their lives. The party becomes an adventure when they end up competing against a group of more popular girls, Liz (Brie Larson), and Staci (Sara Paxton) with the prize being the prime dining spot at the fountain in the high school's lunch area. The losing group must spend their high school years eating by the garbage dumpster. In an all-night scavenger hunt that sends them out into the city "borrowing" Yancy's dad's car, sneaking into clubs, getting their fist kiss, and trying to do all this without Julie's mom, (Jane Lynch) finding out they ever left the house.

At the red carpet premiere in Hollywood, Sean Faris (who plays Julie's heart throb love interest in the movie) stopped to speak with me. I had to know if the chemistry on screen between him and Vega was real or just great acting. "She's an amazing girl," said Faris. "We work so well together, which is why we created magic on the screen, I'd love to work with her again in the future."

A little later the star of the film, Alexa Vega, came by and spoke with me. I asked her what she enjoyed most about Sleepover. "When I first read the script and met director Joe Nussbaum, he told me he wanted Sleepover to be either the Sixteen Candles or Ferris Bueller's Day Off of our time. That's what sold me on this film, plus I wanted something with a love story, and this has it all. It's something I think that young girls, and parents would enjoy, even some young guys cause there's plenty of cute girls running around in this movie."

When asked if she had any real sleepovers, Vega replied, "Actually, we had a Sleepover sleepover because we wanted to try to get to know each other more while making the film, and it definitely helped because you can tell on camera we're all just really good friends."

photo of Alexa Vega
Angie with Alexa Vega
I loved Alexa Vega in the Spy Kids films, so I had to ask her if there's going to be a Spy Kids 4? "Sadly, no," said Vega, "That's the end of Spy Kids, it can't go on forever, but we had a great time working on all those films."

The premiere was great, but the after-party was even better, complete with delicious food, great entertainment, and famous guests. All the young stars from the cast danced the day away in celebration of the premiere of Sleepover -- which just might become the "sleeper" hit of summer.

Angela Riccio is a Hollywood correspondent for GirlsNewsDaily.com, covering music and movies. A lover of the I Love Lucy show from an early age, Angela's interests include learning martial arts, playing musical instruments and other entertainment activities. Artists she has previously interviewed include Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne and Nelly.

e-mail Angela at: StarStruckAngie@aol.com

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