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Redecorating Your Room

Lot's of decorations don't cost much money

July 26, 2004


This summer, you can get a fresh start on redesigning and redecorating your room without spending a lot of money.

If your parents will give you money or help you redesign your room -- then that's great!

While for most of us this is not the case, you can still make your room look good without spending lots of money.

You will probably want to rearrange your furniture, but get your parents permission first so you know they won't get mad at you.

Since it is summer, you might want your room to look summery. So choose at least three colors that you like and that go together.

You might want to start with your door.

You could give it a beaded entryway by making it yourself. Use some yarn, rope, thread, string, wire or what ever else you can find that is thin, bendy, and long. You should cut at least 15 hanging strings -- each three and a half feet long. Then find all of the beads you can find, or buy some (usually just 50 cents -- which you should have in your piggy bank).

You can start beading at any length you want, but you should tie a knot first and tie the top of each string to some long sort of stick.

Finally, you can hang it up above your door way.

Now, for a fresh start, take down something from your walls. Then, you can make something else with sprinkles, printing paper and glue. Just draw a simple picture or design with the glue on the paper, then sprinkle some glitter and let it dry. You can discard the rest of the sprinkles.

Now take all of your old pictures that you still want, and rearrange them with your new sprinkly pictures on your wall.

Another idea for your wall is pretty pressed flowers. You can put flowers in books, then, a couple weeks later, open the books up, take out the pressed flowers and put them all over your wall.

When you are making the decorations, try to keep in mind the room colors you want while picking out the beads and the flowers.

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