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What's Up, Doc?

Tale of a happy rabbit

March 21, 2003


I woke up waiting for Lindsey to come and fill my bowl up. I didn't have dinner last night because she told me she was going to a party.

Lindsey likes to pretend to talk to me (even though I can really understand her).

I live in a cool, sunny room with a big window and curtains. Since Lindsey just keeps a small bench, a keyboard musical instrument, and some Beanie Babies in here, it's practically my own room.

My name is Nibbles and I'm a bunny that turned 5 today. Even though I live in a fairly good sized cage and can play with my toys, go to the bathroom, eat, sleep, hop around, and try new tricks, it can get pretty boring.

"Oh look, here she comes," I said to myself. I was so excited. "Oh wait, she's making herself breakfast! (and its my birthday)!"

"Wait, no, she's coming towards me again with a cake that says the number five on it," I thought to myself. "What a relief."

When she opened the cage, my eyes were bulging wide. "Ready for me to hand over this piece of bunny cake," she asked.

She filled up my food dish, and picked me up. That was the type of time where I thought of Lindsey as a mom.

As she held me, she let me nibble on the piece of cake. It was a comforting, fun moment.

She brought me out into the living room and trained me, played tag with me and fed me. Later, she brought me back into "my own" room.

It was a surprise party! There were human beings and all 5 of my friends! They all had a piece of cake sitting in a small chair, but at the end of the mini-table was a big huge chair that said "Nibbles" on it. Lindsey put me down and I ran right to it. Everyone cheered and started singing "Happy Birthday" to me.

I was very excited, and then -- at that very moment -- I realized there was a buffet. There were yummy treats, fruit, and anything else I could think of. I started eating and talking to my friends.

It was an enjoyable time.

Later Lindsey called out, "time for Nibbles to open the presents." Everyone came near them, and Lindsey picked me up and brought me over to them.

"Open mine," "no open mine." They all started yelling for me to open theirs' first. "Ooh, ooh," I said as I opened the presents.

Lindsey was laughing at me. "What a meanie," I thought.

Soon the party ended and everyone went home. Then Lindsey said, "was that fun or was that double fun?"

Maybe someday you'll figure out what my answer was.

Oh, let me guess, that day was now!

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