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Time Choices

Some tips about using your time to improve your life

November 16, 2003


After you come home from school, do you spend your time watching TV and eating junk food?

If you only do this every now and then, you certainly have nothing to be ashamed of.

But if you're spending most of your free time this way, then there may be a problem. Not just because of all that junk you're eating, but also because of the junk you're feeding your mind.

Unless you're watching an educational show, your brain could certainly be doing something better.

You can do things that help improve your life; you could spend time becoming good at something; or you might help others.

Reading a book or the news trains your brain and fills it with knowledge and advice. Reading can also be fun, as it sometimes forces you to imagine the scene being described.

Find something fun at your home to become good at. Are there any musical instruments in on of the closets? What about a basketball and a hoop or other sports items? Something to draw on? Whatever you can find, spend a little time every day and you may become good after a few months. Spend a lot of time each day and you might become good much sooner.

If you need a way to become known in a new neighborhood, help your neighbors. For instance, maybe you could rake their leaves or sweep their sidewalk.

Or, you could find homes for homeless dogs at the dog shelter. You could also donate old clothes, used books, and other items to a local community charity. You might even go to a nearby nursing home and cheer up the seniors.

If you've got the time and you obtain permission from the proper authorities, you can get a group together and clean up a nearby property (and play your newly learned instrument with your new band there).

The main point here is that you can choose to use your free time to improve your life, or not.

Good luck!

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