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Old Hag Terrorizes School Camp

Mean woman with hump kidnaps campers in Oklahoma

February 28, 2004


For months, I had been looking forward to school camp.

Our entire fifth grade class made the trip to Camp Classen in Oklahoma for 5 days -- quite a distance from our school in Highland Village, Texas.

And while climbing the steep hills was pretty scary, it was a mean old lady with a hump on her back that kept me shivering in my shoes.

According to the story of the Old Hag, while campers sleep in their cabins, the Old Hag comes around tapping on windows with her cane. In her squeaky old voice she says, "Come out, come out, I won't hurt you. I have some leftover milk and cookies."

Then she puts the milk and cookies down on the porch, hides somewhere around the corner of the cabin, and waits for the first kid to come out and take them.

When a child does come out and look around for the Old Hag, she crimples around the corner to watch for when that kid falls asleep. She then lifts the child on to her back and slips away into the forest.

Nobody knows what happens then.

Nor do they want to.

Most kids aren't captured by the Old Hag because they either sleep through her visits or they're just scared to come out from under their covers.

The Old Hag is a tradition at camp, so I kind of wanted the Old Hag to come to our cabin. But unfortunately (or fortunately) the cabin next door was up all night playing, and scared the poor Old Hag off.

What I thought was really funny, though, is when the Old Hag went to the boys' cabin. She scared them so much that some of the girls saw the boys walking around with flashlights all night long looking for the Old Hag (so they could chase her).

The girls were cracking up about it.

So if you haven't gone to camp yet, keep an eye out for the Old Hag!

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