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Music Star Searching for Special Girl

"Apple Bottoms Girl" winnings include prizes, jewelry and clothes

July 16, 2003

ST. LOUIS, MO (Jul 16, 2003) -- Nelly, two-time Grammy award winning rap and hip hop artist, is launching his much anticipated female clothing line, Apple Bottoms. The female line was born from the many requests from young women to Vokal, his highly successful male line, to produce clothing for women. The launch of the Apple Bottoms line is being kicked off with a six city tour to find "the" Apple Bottoms Girl.

A Nationwide search for the girls with the finest assets (edited) is sure to be a summer hit. Apple Bottoms will host the search to find the ultimate lady to represent apple bottoms.

The tour will seek out ladies 18-25 that are suited to represent the apple bottoms campaign. The lucky lady will win prizes, jewelry, clothes from the line, a spot in an upcoming video and the print campaign -- yes, along side of Nelly!

When asked what the make up of the Apple Bottoms Girl should be, president Leslie Ungar replied, "this girl needs confidence -- she needs to have a special look and of course a great behind."

Nelly himself came up with the company name, vision, logo and is active in running the company. When asked to describe what exactly "Apple Bottoms" means, Nelly commented -- "Woman have a lot more curves then us men, we like to see 'em,' Apple Bottoms clothes enhance them."

The Apple Bottoms clothing line is about the correct fit, in combination with being fashionable. Ungar's secret is the combination of the right mix of fabrics and the cut. She says that Apple Bottoms clothes are designed to fit the woman instead of a woman trying to fit the clothes, which has actually become the company tag line and mission.

The entire line will debut at Magic in August but so far the feature item is the Apple Bottoms Jeans. The stores are sold out, the ladies are raving about the fit and although she is happy with it, Ungar is striving to improve it even more. "There are a lot of different shapes to enhance, Nelly appreciates women of all different shapes" said Unger.

The tour will begin in New York on July 25th and will continue in Miami, St. Louis, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and culminating in Las Vegas at the Magic Convention.

A girl will be selected from each of the six cities and advance to the finals in Vegas. Nelly, Leslie Ungar, the St. Lunatics and celebrity judges will select the girls who advance. All six girls will be posted on Nelly's fan site, www.nellynell.net for the public to vote on the "People's Choice" award.

Following is the list of cities and dates, for locations you must visit the Apple Bottoms website:

July 25th NYC, New York

July 28th Miami, Florida

July 30th Atlanta, Georgia

August 1st St Louis, Missouri

August 4th Houston, Texas

August 8th Los Angeles, California

August 25th Las Vegas (Finals)

Apple Bottoms is expecting thousands of girls to show up for tryouts to represent the line and Vh1 has signed on to make a reality show out of the event.

There has been so much excitement and anticipation for both the clothing and the contests that unofficial events and tryouts have been popping up all over the US. Unger comments on this, "We are flattered for the interest but encourage young women interested in participating, that there are only six official contests and the only way to compete is by visiting the Apple Bottoms website, reading all of the rules and filling out the official application."

The desire to be affiliated with Nelly and to own a piece of him or his clothing is so great that the majority of clothes sold out in the first two weeks that they hit the stores. "We even had reports of impostor garments seen on the streets before we even shipped our first items," laughs Ungar.

To see all of the contest locations, dates, rules and waivers and application, visit www.applebottoms.com or www.nellynell.net .

SOURCE: Apple Bottoms

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