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Fun Stuff to Fill Your Time

Spells and games

April 15, 2003


Looking for some good games to do on the airplane or at a busy restaurant? Whether you are or if you're not -- your still in luck! The following are a few I suggest you try the next time you are bored to death.

A Beauty Spell for Confidence

Here is a good spell book that you might want to try, The Little Book of Spells. But before buying it, you might want to try an example of one of the spells they have in this book.

If you feel compelled to try the spell and you're not afraid of the dark world of black magic, take a look at this one.


  1. A rose Quartz crystal
  2. 8 Rose pedals
  3. A mirror
  4. Witch hazel poured into a clear glass jar or bottle
  5. Cotton balls or tissue

Using a mirror, take a close look at your face. Focus on the features and aspects that you find pretty and notice how they dominate your face -- making it beautiful. Visualize the imperfections disappearing as you rub the rose Quartz crystal over them.

Then put the stone in the stone in the jar of witch hazel. Take the rose pedals in your hands and let them lightly graze your face. Then place them in the jar. Cap it tightly and gently shake. Use this beauty tonic each day as an apr'es-bath toner.

Here are some fun and easy games you could do some with just a pencil and paper or maybe just some of your friends!

Also there will be fun jokes to do after the game if you loose!

Not Dot
This game is not called the dot-to-dot game, though it can be called that because it has no name.

Anyway, first you pick a number between 4 and 10. So it can't be 4 or it can't be 10. Let's say your number was six: Then you take a piece of paper and pencil and draw six dots across and six dots down. Keep on doing that until you make a square, six dots high and six dots high.

Since you're now ready to play, go grab a sister or a friend.

The object of the game is to get more squares with your initials in them than your opponent.

The first person draws a line between two dots -- up and down or across, but not diagonally. The other person then draws a line. This process continues until one of the players draws the line that completes a square. When this happens, write the first letter of the person's name in that square.

Sooner or later there's a bunch of lines connected, which means one person will ultimately have to draw a line that enables the other person to score a box.

Sometimes when you complete one square, another is available. During the same turn, you can draw another line each time you complete a square.

The game will go on like this until all the squares are taken. Whoever has the most squares with their initials wins!

5 In a Circle
This game requires at least 5 people, but it's fairly simple.

First you get in a circle, and start counting. As you count, only one person says the number, but it could be any person in the group. It just can't go in order.

If two people say the same number at the same time, then you have to start over.

You may want to do one group against another, or something like that. Have fun trying to read peoples minds before they say the number!

Stupid Test
Here is a quick game called the stupid test. Go up to someone and ask these questions:
  1. Do you want to take the stupid test?
  2. What's the color of the grass?
  3. What's the color of the sky?
  4. What's your name?
  5. What was the first question I asked you?

The answer to every question except #5 doesn't matter; on #5 they might answer "what's the color of the grass," but the right answer is "do you want to take the stupid test?"

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