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Cody Sequel Funny, and so is Costar

Review of Agent Cody Banks movie premier

March 13, 2004


It seems like just yesterday my friends and I went to check out the new teen spy movie called Agent Cody Banks. Well, it's actually been a year and now there's a new Agent Cody Banks: Destination London. A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be on the red carpet at the live premier of the film in Hollywood.

The movie stars comedian Anthony Anderson, young British actress Hannah Spearritt, and the return of Frankie Muniz as agent Cody Banks.

I asked Hannah to tell me about the making of this latest Cody Banks film and she said, "It was a great deal of fun getting to work with Frankie and Anthony. They were the only two Americans in the film really, all the rest are British."

No one could miss the presence of Anthony Anderson as he made his way up the red carpet. You can tell right away that Anderson is as much of a character in person as he is on screen.

photo of Hannah Sperritt
Angela with Hannah Sperritt
photo of Anthony Anderson
Angela & Anthony Anderson

I wanted to know about his experience of working side by side with Frankie Muniz in the film, and Anderson sarcastically blurted out "Well you know it was hard working with 'ol Frank. He never knew his lines, he's very difficult, and he's so 'Hollywood'.

"So what if he has a successful TV show -- so do I! But you don't see me walking around the set telling people they can't look me in the eye, and don't touch me in this scene. I guess its okay, you know, those are just things you have to work with when you're working with a so called 'Star'."

I asked Anderson if he'll be doing a third Cody Banks movie, and he jokingly replied, "You know, they're talking about doing a Cody 3, but I'm like 'Not if Frankie's involved' cuz I'll only do Cody 3 if I'm Cody!"

Anthony Anderson was hilarious!

There were many veteran celebrities at the premier with their children, but everyone was waiting for the man of the hour -- Agent Cody Banks! Then, all of a sudden, a hovercraft swooned down the street with Frankie Muniz and he smoothly jumped out of the vehicle to walk over and speak with me.

I had to ask which movie was his personal favorite -- the original Cody Banks or this sequel?

"Well, they're both very different movies," Muniz said. "The first one's got a lotta explosions, and a lot of action, whereas...the sequel aims kind of more towards the comedy side -- but don't get me wrong, the sequel still has a ton of action in it. Basically, I couldn't pick one or the other, they're both really good."

photo of Frankie Muniz
Angela with Frankie Muniz

I asked Frankie what it was like working with a whole new cast in this film.

"It was great, we got some really talented actors in this one, and it was just so fun making it," the film's star said. "Some of the new cast really helps to add comedy, and that's definitely something the first movie was lacking."

I must agree, this film was funny!

Although it seemed to use the basic formula of: Spy Hero (Frankie Muniz as Cody Banks) is asked to go undercover in a foreign land to save the world from an evil villain with a mind control devise, and gets teamed up with a buffoon who provides the comic relief (Anthony Anderson as Cody's handler) along with a beautiful British spy (Hannah Spearritt) to play Cody's love interest. Of course you've got to toss in all kinds of cool new spy gadgets that always seem to come in handy just in the nick of time. We get the idea we've seen this all before, but somehow it really seems to work.

If you liked the original Cody Banks I think you'll really like Agent Cody Banks Destination London -- and I wouldn't bet against Cody taking one more mission in another sequel before he finishes puberty.

Angela Riccio is a Hollywood correspondent for GirlsNewsDaily.com, covering music and movies. A lover of the I Love Lucy show from an early age, Angela's interests include learning martial arts, playing musical instruments and other entertainment activities. Artists she has previously interviewed include Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavigne and Nelly.

e-mail Angela at: StarStruckAngie@aol.com

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