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last updated Tuesday, December 07, 2004 05:18 PM Texas time

News Archives 2004

GirlsNewsDaily Covers Hollywood Parade
Most Southern California residents know the Christmas season officially begins with the start of The Hollywood Christmas Parade. It's a tradition that's been going strong since 1928, and usually falls on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving.
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Former Teen Star Reflects on Past Popularity
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are two of the most famous young pop-icons of our generation. But before they started their careers, there were other teen pop queens topping the charts, and in the 1980's no young performer was more popular than the red-haired singing sensation, simply known as "Tiffany."
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Redecorating Your Room
This summer, you can get a fresh start on redesigning and redecorating your room without spending a lot of money.
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Sleepover Summer Sleeper Hit
With recent movie releases like Saved, and Mean Girls, 2004 is fast becoming the year of the teen girl clique flicks, so the fact that the new movie, Sleepover features a similar plot where "Popular girls" challenge a group of less popular girls, didn't shock me, but the fact that I enjoyed it was surprising.
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Summer Fun
Usually during the summer, we all go on at least one vacation. But if you're one who can't -- there are still lots of other summer things to do.
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Teen Girl Could Be U.S. President
Today's teenage girl could be the most powerful person in the world by the time she reaches fifty years old.
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Tolerance, Acceptance at Heart of Film
Saved is an entertaining dark comedy, which follows the miss-adventures of teenager Mary (Jena Malone), who initially lives a great life with her single mother Lillian (Mary-Louise Parker).
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"Mean Girls" Based on Real High School Experiences
With all the big money block busters like Van Helsing and Troy hitting the big screens recently, no one expected a low budget movie like Mean Girls to make a splash. But this film, staring 17 year old Lindsey Lohan, has become the surprise hit of this season surpassing the $55 million dollar mark in just its second week of release.
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In Midst of War, Girl Scouts Reach Out to Enemy
Jewish Girl Scouts have Palestinian pen pals.
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Study Ranks Barbie #1 Toy With Girls 5-12 Years Old
Fashion, friends and fun are at heart of doll's success.
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Avril Lavigne; Behind the Girl
Avril Lavigne first stepped into the music scene in 2002 with the premier of her first album, Let Go, which sold more than 14 million copies and took the world by storm. Now, two years later, she's finally releasing her highly anticipated second album entitled, Under My Skin.
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Will You Be a Rich Adult?
A recent survey looked at the top executives of some of the worlds biggest companies and found that as children, many of them shared similarities. One surprise is how many considered themselves popular in grade school.
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Nelly's Applebottoms Girl Search Drew Thousand of Candidates
Nelly made sure the girls modeling this fashion line weren't just your average 'Jane'.
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Cody Sequel Funny, and so is Costar
It seems like just yesterday my friends and I went to check out the new teen spy movie called Agent Cody Banks. Well, it's actually been a year and now there's a new Agent Cody Banks: Destination London. A few days ago, I was lucky enough to be on the red carpet at the live premier of the film in Hollywood.
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Second Avril Lavigne Album Due in May
Mall performances to include 3 songs from Under My Skin CD.
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Old Hag Terrorizes School Camp
For months, I had been looking forward to school camp. Our entire fifth grade class made the trip to Camp Classen in Oklahoma for 5 days -- quite a distance from our school in Highland Village, Texas. And while climbing the steep hills was pretty scary, it was a mean old lady with a hump on her back that kept me shivering in my shoes.
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