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Angela Riccio

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the readers of GirlsNewsDaily.com.

Hi, my name is Angela Riccio, I'm 15 years old, and I was born in Lakewood California. I now reside in Los Angeles.

I'm a big "I Love Lucy" fan; I've been told that I used to watch the show before I could even talk! I'd just stare at the screen; watch Lucy's antics, and smile.

One day, when I was about a year old, my dad comes home from work and, as he walked in the door, yelled over to my mom in the other room, "Hey Honey I'm home!" I looked up to him and with a Ricky Ricardo accent, I yelled, "A' Lucy I'm 'Ome!"

Those were the first words I've ever spoken!

My Dad looked down at me in amazement.

I'm still a big Lucy fan till this day, and I just like Lucy, I always want to "be in the show."

I've been into all kinds of things through out my life, from tap dancing, to jazz class, to ballet, to karate, to tae kwon do, to gymnastics, to acting, to singing, to art class, to beauty pageants, to modeling class, to violin, to piano, to guitar, to flute, and even Polynesian dancing.

Also like Lucy, I'm not that great at any of those things, but it still doesn't stop me from getting in into "The Show."

I love living in Los Angeles, the diversity of people out here is great.

We have so many different cultures here to learn from. It makes life very interesting. Also the great weather can't be beat. Visiting relatives, I have experienced the harsh weather on the east coast and I have to say it's made me really grateful for our California sunshine. Plus (BIG PLUS!), I'm only 5 minutes away from Hollywood, so it's very easy for me to meet all my favorite celebrities.

My future goals (for now) include acting, college, and of course -- writing my column here on GirlsNewsDaily.com.

I hope our readers enjoy this column half as much as I enjoy writing it. Being a girl myself, I really appreciate the opportunity to contribute to this news site dedicated to girls everywhere, and I hope to continue writing this column regularly in the coming weeks, months, and years ahead.

photo of Angela
Angela poses with Lucy lookalike
at Universal Studios

e-mail me at: StarStruckAngie@aol.com

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